Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow has stopped.

The snow has finally stopped. I've been out a couple of times. The neighbors were out, too, so we were all helping each other shovel out our vehicles. It is unbelievable out there. I put pictures on Facebook; I'll post just a few here.
Here's my car and then here's me!

My friend Tiffany says it is all about the food. Here's a picture of the breakfast casserole I made Friday night and cooked this morning. It was yummy.


Tiffany Bauer said...

Love the food picture!!! It does look yummy!! AND you did post snow pictures!!! And one of yourself!! Lookin' good Nancy!! I miss you guys so much, can't wait to see you again soon!!

Robin Merriman said...

Yep, Mark and I agree, we are coming to your house for breakfast tomorrow! Oh, wait....we are still snowed in! Nary a plow to be seen!
Hmmm, save some casserole for us, ok?