Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fold-Up Photo Album

I did not realize that I have not posted since last week.

This is something I made over a year ago, well, actually now that I look at it, it was over two years ago. It is a fold up photo album. I got the idea from the key card holder that I got in Denver at the hotel where we stayed the first year I went to the Stampin' Up convention. The hotel was The Curtis. When you unfolded the key card holder there was a map of downtown Denver in the center. I was intrigued and decided there must be a photo album in there somewhere.

When I got home I started folding and refolding, and folding and refolding; it was quite tricky. Once I finally got the fold, I started looking for pictures to put in it. The pictures here are of one of my beautiful nieces and her family. The reason I know that this is over two years old is because there is a space there that says "Baby boy, due October 1, 2007." Well, Jack is two now.

I think I meant to send it to Jill, but decided to keep it. I guess she'll just have to see it here on the blog.