Thursday, October 22, 2009

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I took that photo myself. It is hard to hold a 16 lb cat and take a picture of yourself. I don't know how such a big cat can become so slippery when you're trying to get him to stay still.

Sassy loves closets. In fact, Tuesday evening he got shut in my master closet for about three hours. You see, he evidently was in there when I shut the closet and left for class. It's a good thing class let out about 45 minutes early that evening. K-Bird was at the door to meet me when I got home, but no Sass. First I looked in the coat closet. A cat could get lost in there. I really need to straighten out the floor of that closet. Lots of stuff there. Sass loves to get in there and snuggle into everything. I found him in one of my backpacks one time when I accidently closed him in there. The next place I looked was my closet. Sure enough, there he was.

So now for a while, I'll remember to make sure I see both cats before I leave home.


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