Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm Baaaaack!

I'm back. Wow, I didn't realize it had been more than two weeks since I have posted. Hello? Is there anyone out there still looking at my blog?

Time at the beach was spent knitting, walking on the beach and visiting. It was very relaxing. The day after Labor Day I started a night class at the junior college. I'm taking English 112. It is a lot like English Lit. You have to read, analyze, research and write. Right now I'm researching an author for an oral presentation I have to give Tuesday evening. I picked an author that I had never heard of, Kate Chopin; however, I am finding her life quite interesting. So much so that I am reading an entire book about her! And desparately trying to finish it today or tomorrow. I think I have about 100 pages to go. I also have one more chapter to read and take notes on in the book we are using as our textbook.

All that being said, there has not been much time for cardmaking. However, I did have a stamp camp a week ago (seems much longer) and I have pictures of those projects to show you.

This first picture is of a box that uses the matchbox die with the Big Shot. Don't you love it? It is decorated using the daisy die. Four Hershey nuggats fit in the box (if you don't eat them first). The Dusty Durango box is closed so that you won't see that the nuggats are missing. I thought I didn't have any more chocolate in the house, but when I picked up the blue box to photograph, I realized there was chocolate in there! Not for long!

All the people who came to stamp camp got four nuggats for their matchbox. I told them it was up to them if the nuggats made it home.

Enjoy! Look for cards this week!


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Gramma C said...

You're being watched!! Verrry crrrafty! Trudy