Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow. Again.

Maybe one snowstorm a month won't be so bad, but does it always have to be a Saturday? The snow is coming down moderately heavy I think you might say. I believe the forecast is for 5-8 inches this time. I went to breakfast (yes it was snowing then.) I was in the cafe for about an hour and my car was completely covered when I came out. The snow is fluffy with big flakes so it was easy to clean off the car. I've been home now for about an hour and my car is covered again.

I think it will be a nice day to stay inside and make cards or play with My Digital Studio software.

Oh, I guess I could also study today. I'm taking a class called Writing for the World Wide Web. In this class we have to design and build a web site. The web site needs a title so I chose Distracted Artisan (except I keep typing Districted) because I have several craft/art interests and staying focused on one is challenging. On the web site we must have two areas of interest. I have decided to focus on quilting and card making. I can't decide if card making is one word, or two.

Today's distraction is the fact that a snowy day lends itself to knitting; however, I need to design some cards for my Birthday Card Class next weekend. So, I'm off to the craft room to do just that.


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