Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Eek! I had a leak underneath my kitchen sink. One night last week I got some cleaner out from under my kitchen sink and noticed a foul odor coming from there. I didn't have enough time right then to check it out so it stayed for a day. When I finally did look under there, I pulled out the bins that have the cleaning supplies and found that I must have a leak. There was water in the bins and water sitting on the bottom of the cabinet. And did it ever smell! Yuk.

I got it cleaned up, ran a little bit of water and yes, it leaked. Someone from my church gave me the name of a plumber that I actually know. I sit behind him and his wife at church every Sunday. Who knew?

Anyway, Mike came and said I needed a new garbage disposal. It happens that garbage disposals just wear out. He'll be back this week to put in a new one.

The worst part of not having a garbage disposal is the fact that I cannot run the dishwasher! I'm back to washing dishes by hand. Oh well. I'll be very glad when I get the new disposal and am grateful to have someone to do it.


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